I Wish You…

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Rohan Roberts, 18 November 2011

I wish you lazy afternoons
Staring at your bookshelf,
Wondering what to read
Wondering which friend from the row
Of leather-bound sentinels
To pull out for a desultory chat
And kill the monotony of a vacant hour.
I wish you green hills and foggy lakes
With swans gliding into oblivion
Reminding you of dead poets
And racing hearts
And secret vows and fervent hopes,
Of those who have been before.
I wish you silent nights on distant shores
With the salty breeze blowing your hair
Filling your ears with the whispers of
Distant stars and hermit planets
That glide across the firmament,
A beehive of activity –
Oblivious to your cares
I wish you friends
To share tumble-dried conversations with;
And bleached laughter and dry-cleaned secrets.
I wish you vast green plains,
Wind swept and ancient,
With grey clouds pouring watery ballads from the heavens
About dead kings and hidden treasures
I wish you cycle rides through turnpike lanes
And fields of grain
And haystacks and brambles
And abandoned windmills
Crumbling to the ground
In a forgotten Hamlet
I wish you a quiet village
In the summer
With oranges and mandarins
In walled courtyards
Falling on the cobblestones
And rolling down a deserted street
I wish you crowded pubs
With crazy friends
And hazy talk
And smoky creeds
And bleary beliefs
I wish you solitary evenings
With a full-bodied vintage
To savour the aroma of distant earth
And quaint vineyards—
To lose yourself in private thoughts
And float to ifs and buts and might have beens…
I wish you late nights
And early mornings
Of soft sheets
And hushed nothings
I wish you misty spinneys on a wintery day
With a piercing sun
And a sharp blue sky
That will cut you to the quick
And force the brevity of life
Upon you
I wish you a world of songs
About abiding passions
From distant lands
In forgotten tongues
I wish you betrayal and loyalty
And anger and joy
I wish you confusion and clarity
And despair and hope
I wish you ennui and adventure
illness and health
Pleasure and pain
These I wish you and much more.
But above all, I wish you
And I wish you





  1. Simrah says:

    Mr. Roberts, I absolutely love this poem! 😀 Made my day (:

  2. Nirmal says:

    Thanks Rohan, a perfect christmas treat for your friends.

  3. Ranju says:

    Fab Rohan. What else is left unveiled about you? What beautiful words just for holiday.

  4. Meenakshi says:

    Rohan, beautiful poem, touches all aspects of life, will read again and again:))

  5. Jennifer says:

    Ahhhhhhh!!!! Another bench mark, will you give us a breather? Fantastic poem – the use of words actually made me open my dictionary.
    Thanks for bringing in the spirit of Christmas and the season of celebrations.

  6. debbie says:


  7. Rhea says:

    Absolutely Amazing!!! That’s a lovely poem, can’t wait to do the CICT course! Now i can understand what the CICT team was trying to tell me!

  8. Vasu says:

    Thank you Rohan, these words are absolutely beautiful.
    I wish you love, life and much, much more.

  9. Esther says:

    perfect imagery, just in time for our year 6 teaching.
    I could just close my eyes, and feel the poem.
    thanks for sharing good practice.

  10. Susan Mathew says:

    😀 ……

  11. Aubrey says:

    Love every words of it :)

    Thank you Mr. R.

  12. Colleen Pedro says:

    Thanks Rohan for sharing this beautiful poem. Touches my life.

  13. Lara Matossian-Roberts says:

    Rohan, I don’t think I can ever read this poem enough to do justice to the beautiful layers: I want to get lost in them, meander, stay and savor. Savor. *sigh*

  14. Yasemin Altas says:

    I just breathed in your beautiful words,Rohan,
    that seemed like old friends of mine; they just wrapped my heart and filled me with warmth.Right now, right here, right where I am. Beautiful. Thank you , for sharing this moment.

  15. Thank you for this walk across the world….
    And dreams in a sun filled sky…
    Thank you for the possibility of knowing no matter what
    this time too shall pass….
    Thank you for sharing this time with me today…

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