Rise of the Phoebus

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It has been over 7 years since Phoebus Online began, starting off as a humble blog for and by the students of Rohan Roberts. Over these years, Phoebus has stood for the freedom of thought and expression, a hub for knowledge. Phoebus has been a place for students to be free to share their opinions, their beliefs, their art and at the forefront of it all their ideas.


The values that Phoebus Online were built upon are timeless, and mean more to the world now than ever before. As organised education continues to promote the boxing in of children, and as news media and social media become more and more integrated, a home for the youth to share their inner thoughts and ideas is a necessity. A place free of judgement and fake news, with no corporate or political interests or bias to control what is put up. Phoebus Online remains this home, however as time goes on, change is necessary.


Today, we usher in a new era for Phoebus Online. With this piece, I gladly announce the return of Phoebus Online as an extension of Awecademy, and hope to introduce you all to myself and to the future of this website. My name is Muraad Ahmad, and I will be the editor-in-chief of Phoebus Online going forward. My hopes are for Phoebus to continue to be a home for free thought, free expression. I see Phoebus Online as the ground upon which the youth can learn how to share their minds, how to change their minds and how to free their minds. A battleground against apathy, the launch-pad for the future.


I want to have made it clear from the start, that while I support freedom of expression, I do not believe that all ideas are inherently good ideas and should be shared. Phoebus Online will not advocate censoring unorthodox ideas, and I believe the best way to shut down an idea you disagree with is to debate it. What will not be permitted on this website however are toxic or harmful ideas; ideas that promote hate, ideas that promote pseudo-science, ideas that do not have evidence to support them.


What you can expect from myself and the Phoebus Online team over the next few months includes more frequent posting as we begin to assemble more and more writers. We are also working on a major graphical redesign for the website, to match more with the themes of Awecademy. I will be putting up a weekly editorial to update all of you as to the progress of both Phoebus Online and Awecademy.


In literature, Phoebus is used to refer to the sun god Apollo, and it is used to personify the sun. It is a symbol of enlightenment and of power, and so we shall always strive to keep this platform enlightening and empowering.

I look forward to embarking on this new adventure with all of you.


Muraad Ahmad
Editor in Chief, Phoebus Online



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