An Interstellar Perspicacity

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Zeanne Mendoza | December 6, 2014

Interstellar, the long awaited movie! I let out a sigh of relief with the notion that I wouldn’t need to attend chemistry class later! I’ll be honest; my knowledge of the movie was rather limited up until a field trip to watch it came along. The pre-movie trailers alleviated the tension amongst our exorbitantly large Astronomy Club group; I had no idea what I was in for, neither did the rest who watched it with me. My ideal field trip was just grabbing a few bites and sitting down for three agonizing hours just to watch another “space” movie with people all afloat.


So there we were sitting down comfortably right at the centre of the centre in the IMAX theatre as the blaring sound system vibrates through the seats slowly deafening my ears after every advertisement. In temptation of not finishing the popcorn before the movie even started, I adjusted myself onto the impeccable folding seat; I mentally prepared myself to face the sensational 4D action cinema as I ardently awaited the adrenaline rush. ¬†Where’s the fun if your food would be spilling all over the place- big waste!


I look above to the lights over head us gradually dimming. “The movie is starting!” I whispered to Karl sitting to my left with my head maliciously thinking- ‘great no more ads!’ 12:05, I looked at the time on my iPhone making sure to turn it on silent. I can’t remember how many times I’ve ruined a scene at a theatre with my ringtones despite the cinema etiquettes they showcase before every film.


The film’s exposition builds up. I was waiting for a rising action within the hour, however I was forgetting the three hour duration of this movie. Moreover, the plot seemed very intriguing so the story still had me hooked. I felt slightly confused of how they drove through incredibly tall stalks of corn even with a flat tire which apparently still deemed feasible. Murphy’s Law- “Anything that can happen will happen.” It is the first time I’ve heard of it though, which sparked an interest in me. In a society as complex and well construed as today, who wouldn’t be pressured into entering a world of endless possibilities with every door of undefined opportunity left wide open. In the story, this was the case of opportunity for Matthew McConaughey’s character- Cooper; his dilemma of obligation to his family and the planet was put at stake. At that moment, I was simply torn emotionally of how despite Murph’s desperate measures to refrain Cooper from leaving. It was, for me, heart breaking. But then again, if Cooper chose to stay then we would have no story.


I would have to admit that young Murphy (Mackenzie Foy of the Conjuring and Twilight: Breaking Dawn) had portrayed the character impressively yet again giving such in depth meaning and emotion to Murphy’s character. It was an extreme roller coaster of emotions where you will be in serious thought as the story progresses with a sudden humour hinted here and there as you end up in unstoppable tears! Just, WOW!¬† Not to mention the untimely explosions where the IMAX theatre caused everyone in their seats to almost jump out plus Karl’s unexpected and tenacious grip on my hand! Unsure of where to react from the explosion or his grip, my heart pounded as if I could nearly hear it beating out of my chest. Instantaneously, I just figured that I should’ve probably brought my inhaler in such cases- I was that unprepared!


The ticket pricing pierced my wallet; nevertheless, the story pierced my mind and heart. The movie was definitely worth the three continuous hours on that seat. Forget toilet breaks! You would miss out on a lot if you glance away even for a millisecond. Preciousness of time is showcased by watching this film as well as the time difference between the Earth and another universe away since it is beyond a three-dimensional or a five-dimensional world!


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