The Changing Phase

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September 27, 2014| Zeanne Mendoza

What does it mean to grow?

A thought I pondered through procrastination- it provoked my curiosity; a question that had lingered my mind repeatedly.  Each day passes and in the continuity of time, we go on without digging deeper into it’s in depth meaning. I think of it in a stance similar to the way we conserve water- we know of its importance yet we don’t utterly grasp the concept, because we choose not to; we ignore it.

Does it depend on our upbringing? Of how the number of bones decrease as we age? Is it how an individual gets over a painful experience and conclusively moved on? I can define it my way and the rest of the world will see it in their perspective. Nevertheless, how are we able to reassure ourselves that we have grown; if we have grown?

There’s always a changing phase. Visualize a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly. Heimlich- a caterpillar I envisioned and visualized through my mind is a typical insect; he hatches from an egg and enters into the first phase of life Mother Nature has offered him. Of course no one pities a bug in a billion of how he survives therefore; he innately and instinctively learns to fend for himself. In his life-span of two weeks, a definite time is fixed for him as he moves on to the next stage of the cycle where ultimately, he’ll form his own chrysalis to become the beautiful butterfly that he was destined to be and make a spectacle of his picturesque pair of wings.

This is the physical form of growth; the outer appearance we see from a distance. However, you may wonder why I’ve compared us human beings to a mere butterfly. Fundamentally, we are all living creatures on equal footing. We’re just smarter species which is why we are the dominant ones! In addition, our convoluted minds has revolutionized unimaginably and all we think about is to vacuum up all the perks of living we could find and filter off the “ugly” parts; the mind of an optimist. But fate isn’t something we control. It isn’t like the video games I would play where I press restart after every fault and replay the situation all over again and make the game, your game flawless- perfection is unattainable and unrealistic, you’ll never achieve it, there is no room for improvement and that is just dead on boring! On the other hand, you can conceptualize living in a game where you allow euphoria to take over and then you achieve that moment of satisfaction where you finally win! After going through several attempts and memorization of moves and strategies, you’ve determinately conquered it! Despite the thrill, that kind of adventure is systemized by some other person who most probably originated the game as an escape from their own reality.

It can be quite traumatizing for certain people, namely me, of how we are only required to move forward and never look back. It’s a gift and a curse in itself most would conjecture. Often times I find myself looking up at a tree, I close my eyes, and embrace the time I spend beside it to, in a way, fantasize as if conversing with it, asking how their life is and if they’re happy with the still life they live. Sound crazy? Certain people would sympathize to what I truly mean. A tree the reason being that it stands in one spot grows and branches out unconcerned with human interference in addition to the fact that particular trees can live up to hundreds of years exhibiting an everlasting symbol of life in its most natural ways.

Nowadays, when the phrase “you’re all grown up” is expressed is when people see how a person has either gotten taller or appeared more “mature” if you know what I mean and these are oftentimes critiqued at the adolescent aged group. Couldn’t the appropriate phrase be “You’ve changed”? Because of the trends that we fall zombie into, people become increasingly materialistic and infected with the unproven facts. Moreover, what others fail to realize is the ones who initiated and popularized these trends was none other than the people who are currently nagging of what a disaster the young generation of today has come to be like- the hypocrites! We young’uns didn’t start it, we are the reflection of what the ones before us mirage as well as the ones before them- an optical illusion. It’s an insuppressible chain reaction that we question really; we complain, let the words spill yet take no action. It’s difficult to interpret if any of us are “Grown ups”

This may be a concept that I may not bring myself to resolve with one conclusion considering I am still growing myself and in my own way. As a consequence I could also come across bounteous more answers to my one question. Opinions change. People change. It’s a phase we all have to face though we can be hesitant and unsure. It’s a risk I’m willing to make since it’s the way I move forward after all. It’s my changing phase as can it be yours as well if you choose to. Would you?




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