I Am Dubai

Poetry — By on March 13, 2013 at 7:05 pm

I am Dubai

by Lara Matossian-Roberts


I am that shiny gem amongst the Arabian sand dunes

That catches your eye from distances far,

That fills your mind with thoughts of riches

To be made and stored.


I am where spending is made easy;

A designer bag?  The “it” sunglasses? “THE” watch?

Expensive fashion is within reach.

A fancy shave?

Why, it only costs a laborer’s weekly wage.


I am warmth, surefire sunny skies,

A harmonious marriage of talcum-powder sand and shades of blue:

Alice blue waves, Maya blue serenity, powder blue crests, sky blue calm.


The view from the beaches marred by

monstrous protrusions of land,

A work-in-progress,

Mammoth dredging machines, waterfalls of sand.


I am tall, glittery towers;

Indoor ski slopes; vast airports;

Sprawling malls and stupendous hotels;

Lavish buffets and all you can drink deals.


I am laborers toiling mercilessly in over 45 degrees heat.

I am desalinated water.

I am billions of dollars…in debt.

I am one massive carbon footprint.


I am the salon dedicated for nails, just around the corner;

The spa you need to go to for maintenance.


I am not one – but ten – new trendy polish colors;

The nail treatment for the little 5 year-old princess;

The spa massage designed for the teenage boy.


I am also quirky, one-off stores,

Off the beaten track creativity in oddball spots,

Culture found outside its conventional definition.


I am the lingering smell of coconut oil in the elevator,

The all-engulfing fragrance of oud in a shopping mall.


I am food delivery services:

Chinese, Italian, Indian, or burgers,

Iranian, Nepali, Lebanese, or Thai;

Supermarket and pharmacy deliveries;

Laundry services: pick-up and delivery;

Housekeeping services;

Personal grooming services at home –

all just a phone call away.


I am affordable luxury.


Don’t judge me.


Don’t judge me.


I am a city.


Like any other.


Unlike any other.


I am what I am.


I am Dubai.



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