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By Shaday Collie, 1 Oct 2012

Ginger sat cheerfully in the polished, plastic cover chairs of the head mistress office. It wasn’t the first time she’d been there, or the second, in fact she was such a regular visitor that she was pretty familiar with the routine. They would call her parents in, discuss the ‘issue’ at hand then finally give her an opportunity to ‘defend’ herself before deciding on any disciplinary action. She wasn’t fazed by their supposedly intimidating process. In fact, the thought of it seemed to amuse her, as though she was watching a rerun of her favorite circus performance and all of this was only a skillful act.

Ginger’s dad entered with a very grim expression on his face, he was a very busy man and to be called into the head mistress’ office of his daughter’s boarding school was very taxing on his schedule. He glances at her briefly before taking the adjacent seat; she threw him a genuine smile, her face beamed like a star. To this he responded with a practiced sigh. “I sincerely apologies for calling you in on such a busy day Mr. Wilson, but I’m afraid it’s come to this again.” She listened enthusiastically to their conversation, digested their every word and throwing small smirks and fits of laughter as she saw appropriate.

“As you know, we as a school holistically try our best to encourage individuality as best we can but this has superseded the boundaries of independence to complete defiance and almost a taunting dare. Our school radio system was built to create a friendly, social and interactive environment for our students not a platform for music of such a vulgar and meaningless genre.”


Ginger was a very rare, and greatly envied, being when it came to beauty.

She had the graceful beauty that actresses spent all their lives substituting for through their plethora of facial creams, skin tonners and the sort. Her clearly distinctive and naturally refined features wore such a breathtaking elegance that any such products would only smother the aired beauty she had.  People often mistook the presence of her overwhelming exquisiteness as a mere hallucination.  The entire atmosphere of a room is completely upset once she stepped into it. Conversations ceased, eyes darted and hearts were instantly moved.

Though there was something more to this heavenly being often missed upon first observation. There was something rather unorthodox about her character. She was strangely unique. Her habits were quite unconventional and her philosophies and beliefs were ones many couldn’t understand and she herself could barely express, let alone defend. She was different. A fact clearly conspicuous from the moment you sat down with her. It was as though all our fairytales, childhood beliefs and tendencies which the world so easily instilled inside of us managed to fool all but one.

To some it was this together with her absolute loveliness that set her apart from the rest of the world; that made her a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, to many others it was this that made her just like everyone else, or even less so.

Ginger’s parents noticed her strange practices in the early stages of her childhood. Yes, they worried. They knew how unsympathetic children amongst her age group can be towards someone different and were initially rather apprehensive towards her. Though, it proved itself unnecessary seen as she went to school with a jovial smile and eager enthusiasm and came back in more or less the same spirit. Eventually they grew less protective and came to treasure there little ball of surprises.

That wasn’t to say that things ever changed. No, she was still horrible degraded for her peculiarity amongst her peers, but it didn’t seem to bother her much. Ginger just eventually grew to realize that sometimes you have to fight for what you believe in. She believed in being herself. And as much as it devastatingly pained her, she wasn’t going to let anything take that away from her.

Ginger’s dad toyed around with the head mistress, manipulating her use of words. She knew that her father was too much of an asset for them to let her go. To them it was a privilege to have the states’ highest ranking attorney deal business with them on the terms of his daughter’s education. She looked into the head mistress’ eyes, filled with fear and anxiety and sat back in her chair with a wide grin on her face. The battle was already won.




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