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By Winston Vicente, 29 September 2012 

If you were in a Las Vegas casino and you were on the roulettes, which colour would you bet on? The Red or the Black?

No matter how much you think that the ball would land on whatever colour you’ve chosen due to the circumstances or patterns you have observed. There is still no way you can determine the probability or the certainty that it will land on the colour you have chosen, the reason being no matter how many angles or perspectives you look at it there will still be a 50/50 odd chance that your choice was right or wrong.

In my personal opinion humans are awful when it comes to probability. In the concept of “Heads or Tails”, no matter how much you call it heads, the probability of it turning heads up is still half. Even if you conduct an experiment, this will not show the probability or the pattern on which side the coin will land on. You will see that there would be intervals and or successions in the number of times the coin has turned heads up or tails down. There might be an eight tails streak or a two to one interval of heads to tails. So the probability is still very unexpected.

This also applies in humans and or animals alike. When parental units join and reproduce to form a cell, an embryo, that embryo contains genes and traits that belong to their parents. These give them offspring a distinguishing feature that would let them be identified as a biological offspring of the parents. However there is a probability or chance that there’s a recessive gene or trait that isn’t  present in either parent. This is referred to as mutation: these mutations can turn out to be astonishing like Heterochromia Iridum. This is a mutation that allows a person to have two different coloured irises. These mutations can also cause faster muscle growth, a difference in hair colour, etc. But some mutations can be fatal, some mutations can cause an offspring’s life to shorten, and can also cause physical deformities.

Coincidence, fate, chance, probability, they’re all the same thing but utilised in different situations. Usually these things are associated to superstition. Never let these superstitions get in the way of your life just because you believe that it’s going to give you “bad luck”. Everything is just mere coincidence. Live your life, things happen, take a chance and use it to the fullest. What’s the probability of things going wrong anyway?



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