Jason Silva Visits The Winchester School

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On Sept. 5, Jason Silva visited our school. For those who don’t know who he is, Jason has been described as a Wonder Junkie, an Epiphany Addict, a Remixer of Optimism, a Curator of ideas, innovation and awe, and a latter-day Carl Sagan. Here’s Neiha Lasharie’s blog post about her reaction to Jason’s visit.

By Neiha Lasharie, 14 Sept. 2012

So yesterday, we got some last minute good news. That good news was promptly followed by what is possibly the best beginning to a school year in the history of school.

Jason Silva, a film-maker, a TV presenter, a futurist and performance philosopher, had been in Dubai for a few days. He’s been such an inspiration to us all for a long time that, you know, the possibility of him being in the same city as us was kinda…kinda ridiculous in itself. On a whim, my English teacher emailed him saying what an absolute pleasure it would be for us if he passed by our school at some point in his trip.

It was a pretty long shot but the fact that Jason even considered it given his busy schedule was exciting enough, but the fact that at exactly 3:21pm, on the 4th of September, I received an email from my English teacher in supersized font practically screaming through the computer screen that JASON SILVA WAS ACTUALLY GOING TO VISIT OUR SCHOOL-

Yeah. I still can’t wrap my head around it, let alone talk about it with a fraction of the eloquence with which Jason indulged our intellectual fantasies.

It was just amazing. This video is one of his many incredible snippets of inspiration that have – you know, fittingly – inspired me and some of the most brilliant people I know to be on the warpath for daily intellectual immersion.

And the best part was how absolutely humble Jason was. Throughout the whole thing, he seemed as enthralled as we were.

That’s something.

Hell, I got my little commonplace book signed by him! And I got a hug! I won’t lie, I was unashamedly squealing, but so was everyone else. When he first walked through the door, I’m not joking, my heart actually stopped for a little while. Someone we’ve only seen in videos, someone who has brought tears to my eyes and made me actually sob with the sheer passion of his words, his awe-inspiring honesty, in the flesh, before me, talking to me, making eye-contact with me, hugging me!

I’m not the only one who feels this way. The hashtag #jasonsilvawinchester is littered with people who were as overwhelmed as I was. The head rush of intellectual ecstasy is still so mind-boggling, 12 hours after his entrance into our school, and the fact that it was lovingly instigated by such a genuinely good human being makes it even better.

I wish this man – who encouraged us to keep in touch with him and patiently, even happily, entertained all our flailing fan-girling – all the luck in the world, and all the popularity that his work demands and deserves.

One day, I will meet him again, and I will have made something of myself. We all will. And until that day, I have fond memories, hastily jotted notes, a couple of autographs, pictures, a hashtag, and the ghost of possibly the best hug I will ever receive to keep me going.

Here’s to you, Jason. Thank you for everything.



  1. Jameel says:

    Jason silva is an amazing filmmaker! He is one of the bests of all time and is truly an icon!

  2. Manohar says:

    Perfect vocabulary used, great piece of emotive language.

  3. Faris says:

    wonderful piece of writing great techinques, and outstanding amount of vocabulary great job!

  4. Malcolm Menezes says:

    Being a great fan of Jason Silva and meeting him at The Winchester School, she has expressed her anxiety with a few intriguing words of emotive language.

  5. Roshan says:

    awesome job! great piece of writing great vocabulary makes me wish i was there.

  6. Bilal says:

    After reading this, I really wish that I was there :( Great vocabulary used, well structured and great conclusion. The words used actually made me feel that I was there, its really grasping!

  7. yomal says:

    A spectacular use of vocabulary! A really good conclusion. The way you felt when you met Jason Silva was all in inspiring. A truly fantastic job.

  8. Olgierd says:

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  9. ARJUN.S says:

    I really wish I could meet Jason Silva as well. One day, I too will meet him. Great piece of work. Nice vocabulary and very inspiring. This piece of work would actually get him to come back.

  10. Mustafa says:

    After reading through this fine article, I’m really regretting the fact that I missed the opportunity to meet him in person. God, why didn’t anyone inform me that he was coming to visit the school! :( By the way, this was a very well written piece of writing, full of emotive language and outstanding vocabulary! You described your feelings and how you felt when you met him very nicely, which made us feel as if we were there too. All in all, it was worthwhile reading through this intriguing and inspiring post!
    Oh yeah, hopefully one day he would come into my office to meet me, and he would be as excited as you were 😉

  11. Karl.B says:

    This piece of writing is one of the best i have ever read! This is truly an epic piece of art that has left me speechless, the vocabulary used was fantastic and i could feel the emotion she had felt when she met Jason Silva. Truly magnificent.

  12. aalim says:

    tremendous piece , very interesting , once i started i couldnt stop my eyes were glued to the screen. the way you described how she felt was sensational i could feel the excitement in the words

  13. elie the belly says:

    splendid piece of writing.loved every bit of it,made me wish i was there to see the great jason silva. i just hope he visits the winchester school again and i hope i be there to witness greatness in the happening.

  14. elie the belly says:


  15. Anant Sharma says:

    This was an absolutely spectular article! I really enjoyed reading your views and opinions and I sorely regret that I missed the chance to meet this wonderful person. I really liked your vocabulary and impeccable grammar.

  16. Neiha says:

    Oh, wow, I didn’t imagine my silly little blog post about Jason Silva would generate such wonderful comments from so many people!

    Thank you all so much! I really appreciate all the lovely feedback :)

  17. Ayrton says:

    It is truly a magnificent piece of writing and I hope to that Jason Silva returns to the Winchester School again. I regret not meeting him as he he is a really fantastic person and I wish that he passes by soon again.

  18. Jay says:

    This piece of writing is perfectly written with lots of emotive words and opinions. or, we can say that neiha has shared her experiences with us perfectly….. :)

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