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To The Habitability Zone and Beyond!

Article by Sergio Garza As of today, we have uncovered THOUSANDS of guides on exoplanets (planets revolving around a star other than the sun) since we confirmed the first exoplanet around a pulsar in 1992. Since then, we have discovered planets around other stars in very diverse environments from scorching hot planets to cold-lonely orphaned […]

Cassini – That Little Spacecraft That Dived Into the Lord of the Rings.

UNITED STATES - MARCH 17:  Model (scale 1:25) of the unmanned NASA spacecraft designed to send information back from Saturn and its satellites. The spacecraft uses a variety of instruments and cameras to take accurate measurements and detailed images from as far away as 1,342,396 km.  (Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)

Article by Hinna Shivkumar Launched from the familiar landscape of Earth into the unknown vastness of space, aiming towards a planet and its companions that could be called a solar system on their own, Cassini is surely a legendary spacecraft. Why legendary, some might ask? Now, this is not some ordinary spacecraft (though, I wouldn’t […]



Article by Omar Khan The popularity of electric power is on the rise. Fossil-fueled cars and home-heating are all going to, soon enough, change to electric power, in hopes to combat climate change. Now the problem with electric power is that it’s part of a one-or-the-other dilemma. You can either have a battery, which stores […]

Space Exploration – What has it got to do with us?

The International Space Station is a collaboration between many nations

Article by Hinna Shivkumar “How do we benefit from space exploration in day-to-day life? Why is it worth spending millions and billions on it? Where do I see it being useful in my day-to-day life?” Such questions are often brought up in conversations regarding space exploration. Space sciences and space exploration may seem like areas […]

The Many Colors of Synesthesia


Article by Varun Athilat “Monday is yellow; Tuesday is quite a deep red; Wednesday is sort of a grass green; Thursday is a much darker green but still quite bright; Friday has always confused me, it’s either a very dark purple, blue or grey; Saturday is white; and Sunday is sort of a light peach […]